Welcome to our Pediatric Practice. Our goal is to offer you the finest possible pediatric service. Caring for children from infancy through adolescence is a challenging and rewarding responsibility. We consider it a privilege to work as partners with families. We value the insights and knowledge of families and strive to add to that knowledge with educational materials for each developmental stage and for each specific illness or concern. We work with parents to choose the best course of treatment and care for each child. We are proud of the quality of our service, our personal, friendly style and want you to feel comfortable recommending us to your friends.

We offer our families flexible scheduling; in-depth consultations; expert nursing advice by phone; and a video lending library on issues such as parenting and discipline techniques, Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Behavior problems, and Baby and Child CPR. Special areas of focus are adolescent health, Attention Deficit Disorder, school problems and weight management.

ADHD - Scope of Practice: Mornings are spent seeing ADHD and other behavioral patients (depression, anxiety, school issues, sleep, and stool problems). Afternoons are spent seeing the whole range of pediatric problems (sore throats, ear infections, asthma, injuries, and well child exams). Dr. Frierson enjoys helping patients with this wide variety of issues and problems. We stay on time despite the potpourri because our staff determine by phone how much time will be needed at the appointment - and we do not "double book." Dr. Frierson has been seeing ADHD and other behavioral patients as a large part of his practice since 1992.

THE "ONE DOCTOR" ADVANTAGE: Parents often say that they felt attached to one doctor, but that doctor was never available when their child was ill. Dr. Frierson works Monday through Saturday (outside of summer and vacations). He gets to know his patients, and they him.

APPOINTMENTS: We value seeing you on time when you arrive for your appointment. You can help us schedule wisely. We accomplish this by following these guidelines:

  1. Let our receptionist know if the reason for your visit is a longstanding problem, such as headaches, abdominal pain, or school problems, so that we can set aside enough time to address the problem.
  2. Remember to cancel your appointment if you cannot keep it so that your time can be used for another patient. We do not "double book" appointments, so your no-show will be noticed.
  3. We will ask you to arrive early enough to permit our nurse to weigh and measure your child before the appointment time.
  4. Let us know in advance if a brother or sister needs to be seen also when you schedule an appointment so that enough time can be allowed for the appointment.

Appointments are available:

You can always reach us at 541-773-3688. After office hours the answering service will take calls and page me.

Many patients wonder when it is appropriate to call after hours and when it is not appropriate. I hope you will take a moment to consider before calling, that routine questions are best handled by calls to the office during office hours. Consider whether the question warrants an interruption or an awakening at night. My suggestion is to call if your child's condition changes and seems to be becoming more ill or if your child has a new illness or injury worrying you.

EXPENSES: Dr. Frierson is aware that medical care and children are both very expensive. He is proud to offer significant discounts for those families in need. He and his staff are always ready to work with parents when money gets tight.

J. Alan Frierson, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Dr. Frierson graduated from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in 1976 and completed his Pediatric Residency at University of Arizona, Tucson in 1979. His first practiced in Longview, Washington and then established his current pediatric practice in Medford in 1983. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. As a Board Certified Pediatrician by American Board of Pediatrics, he enjoys all aspects of infant, child and adolescent health care. Dr. Frierson's range of skills includes caring for children with behavioral problems including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). He feels he is still raising his two sons, though both have graduated, one from Oregon State University, one from high school.

Kathy Fennell, P.A.-C.

After graduating from the University of Colorado Child Health Associate Program in 1982, Kathy has practiced in a wide range of medical settings as a Certified Physician Assistant. Her interests include developmental pediatrics, teaching families how to get started gaining control over their child's weight and caring for children of all ages. Since joining us in 1992, Kathy's enthusiasm and commitment have made her an integral part of our child health care team. She has one son in college and one son in graduate school.